Sem retorno
book with poetry and drawing
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Today I am, tomorrow another one

(...) Now is us as today and today is an instant that unfolds into another one, becoming a string of instants, each being a transmutation of time: today, tomorrow, yesterday.
Now is a sound escaping from the mouth; a blink of recognition; is the point of convergence where we can truly merge with all that life is.
- excerpt from reflection #19 Today I am, tomorrow another one from the book 22 reflections on the dissolution of the self -

 Today I am, tomorrow another one at Espaço AZ, Lisbon

22 reflections on the dissolution of the self 

My reflections on some human patterns
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Handmade booklet with poems and drawings
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Below a respiring sky

Below a respiring sky is a project inspired in the unfinished story by Franz Kafka The Burrow
which for me represents a very interesting portrait of human psychology and an inspiring metaphor for our human condition. 

I seek out a good hiding place and keep watch on the entrance of my house - this time from outside - for whole days and nights. Call it foolish if you like; it gives me infinite pleasure and reassures me. At such times it is as if I were not so much looking at my house as at myself sleeping, and had the joy of being in a profound slumber and simultaneously of keeping vigilant guard over myself.*

*Franz Kafka - The Burrow

A stiff curtain that looks forced to cover but diaphanous like a cloud;
A structure resembling a bed but also a body, a frontier shapeshifting;
A bowl like a brain, an insatiable receptacle for eagerness;
A shelf, a tongue unburden;
A thin branch, a strip of the horizon... 


Private view #5
Portrait of An Invisible Woman

A home
Rooms etched with subtle evidences
Someone's portrait

Like a visitor
A woman inhabits it

Private view are installations in private spaces that promote one day event. The projects, always different, are not necessarily site specific but are surely inspired in the particularity of each place and host.

Portrait of an Invisible Woman at Ofélia's home, Lisbon

Untitled at What Matters - 5th anniversary of the Goldfingers Gallery, Copenhagen

My everything is nothing but a dream I know is flesh, blood, me.

My everything is nothing but a dream I know is flesh, blood, me was made on the occasion of the collective exhibition reTurn at Goldfingers Gallery, Copenhagen

Looking for a place
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Thin is the line

There is a line between the fingers from where my gestures depart.
The same that outlines the emotional resonance of my thinking. Fabric weaved by an oscillating movement, back and forth, where understanding existence takes both directions.
A place of exchange.
Thin line.


Thin is the line gains its full expression in the variation of works it joins.
Drawings, cutout in paper, create motifs that result in other motifs seen in the conjunct.
Plinths may be sculptures, sculptures may be jewels,
jewels may be tools, tools may be drawings, drawings may be thoughts, thoughts may be reflexes of the relation between gesture and perception.

Thin is the line at Espaço AZ, Lisbon